Visit McAllen RFP Promotion FAQ’s

Rebate Promotion

Visit McAllen is offering a $10 per paid room night rebate on meetings booked with 50 room nights or more.

The rebate can be used on anything to help make your conference more profitable, including food & beverage, audio/visual, or off-site activities held in McAllen.

This rebate is valid for meetings booked and contracted for 2021 or beyond at the McAllen Convention Center or McAllen hotels. Book now, the offer expires December 31, 2020.

Rebate Promotion FAQ

Do commissionable rates qualify?

Yes! Commissionable rates booked through third party agencies qualify. Commissioned rates are paid by hotels. This promotional rebate comes directly from Visit McAllen.


Will the rebate be added to my group room rate?

No. We want to assure your attendees get the best possible rates, so this rebate is not added to the negotiated group rate.


Will room nights booked outside of the room block be eligible for the rebate?

No. Only rooms booked in the group room block will be considered, so please encourage your attendees to book from the room block.


How is the rebate be calculated?

After your event, hotel reports will be reviewed by Visit McAllen and your association to determine the final number of hotel room nights. Qualifying hotel room nights are eligible for the $10 per room night rebate.


How and when is the rebate paid?

The rebate will be paid directly to the association via check after the conference once the total room night count and rebate amount has been agreed upon by Visit McAllen and your association.


Will this affect other CVB Incentives my convention has qualified for?

No. The rebate is in addition to any other CVB incentives your event qualifies for.


If you have questions about the rebate promotion, contact the Visit McAllen convention experts at or call 956-682-2871

Amazon Gift Card Promotion

Submit a qualifying RFP and receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Offer expires December 31, 2020.


How do I know if my RFP qualifies?

Your RFP qualifies if the meeting or event is open for bid 2021 or beyond, and if McAllen meets the host city requirements. If you’re unsure, submit your RFP and speak with a Visit McAllen convention expert.


How do I receive my gift card?

If your RFP qualifies, a Visit McAllen convention expert will contact you within 24 hours with a proposal and the gift card will be sent to you via email in digital form.


Can I give my gift card to someone else?

Yes. The gift card is yours, and you can use it at however you like.


If you have questions about the gift card promotion, contact the Visit McAllen convention experts at or call 956-682-2871

Rapid Response Program

Visit McAllen’s 24HR Rapid Response Program is for our valued planners needing the flexibility to quickly relaunch or relocate their meeting. This means our Rapid Response Team is ready to provide a proposal in just 24 hours after submitting your RFP.


What information does the rapid response proposal include?

The proposal will have meeting facility options and information about the availability of the meeting space for the specified date or dates of your event. It will also outline the incentive package Visit McAllen is offering your organization or association as well as options for off-site activities and other amenities to ensure your event is a success.


Does the proposal include host hotel information?

If your RFP includes host hotel requirements, the proposal will include information about the hotels that meet your requirements.


Does the proposal include hotel group rates?

No. The rapid response proposal does not include group rate information; however, if you like the proposal and want more information about hosting your event in McAllen, we will work with our hotels and provide you with group rates. McAllen is known for offering competitive hotel rates for conferences and conventions.


If you have questions about the Rapid Response Program, contact the Visit McAllen convention experts at or call 956-682-2871